Editorial Assignments

portraits for media

Editorial and Corporate Portraits Mix

A mix of editorial and corporate portraits, made for magazines, websites, brochures and annual reports. I have worked for a wide range of local and international clients.

Portraits of a Welfare Company

For a Welfare Company I made portraits of their employees: trainers who coach welfare workers.


For the annual report of the union of pharmacies I photographed staged scenes of different pharmacies in Holland.


The organization ICM Weekendschool has been founded to give more perspective for the future to kids that have originally less approach to a netwerk to build relations and special crafts. These kids were trained to write poetry and I photographed them for a little book with all their collected work.


For the burial company I photographed people and their lives. In the ads they talked about their wishes of their burial.

Antropological Portraits

For the Anthropological Museum in Leiden I have been asked to make portraits for the entrances of the different departments, representing each one continent. The portraits are displayed on huge screen at the side of the entrances.

Social Housing

For a housing corporation in Holland I made some portraits of a social housing project in Johannesburg they supported. The dwellers were giving acces to apartments they normally would not be able to afford.

No Family

In the week of photography of 2013, which had as the theme 'the family', I photographed in a gallery in Amsterdam people who were more connected to each other within a non-family context.

De Roze Bank

about friendship between children made for a children magazine called Taptoe