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Ton Hendriks studied philosophy in Amsterdam and after graduation started his career as a photographer. He works as a commercial portrait photographer and also initiates documentary projects in which he uses the portrait as the vehicle to tell the story. His main interests are human rights, poverty, migration and identity.

He did several projects in different countries, like Australia, Mongolia, Bolivia, Ghana, South Africa and India. Among these he did a project The Wild Coast about Suriname, Coloured Identity about international adoption, Faces of Amsterdam, about the individual in the city, Vluchthaven, (Safe Haven), a project about refugees in Holland. African Village about village life in Ghana. His biggest project is Global Street Child, about the issue of street children worldwide, for which he made portraits in 10 different countries over the world. Now he is working on a project about identity in Europe, called Living in Europe for which he photographs African immigrants in the capitals of Europe.

As a theoretical critic he writes articles for different magazines, like PF (Professionele Fotografie) and Shutr. He is well known for his unique theory book about photography Beeldspraak (Imagery), used in most academies and photo schools as the standard book. He teaches photography and especially the theory of image culture in various schools and gives lectures about the analyses of photography.